London Marathon
Posted on 12th April, 2019

Top 7 Fitness Tips For Running The London Marathon

London is hosting a number of sporting events this summer, including the annual London Marathon and the Cricket World Cup 2019. Whether you are taking part in the London Marathon, or just feeling inspired to up your fitness game this summer, knowing where to start can be a struggle. If you are taking part in the London Marathon for the first time, or are a seasoned runner with heaps of experience, then the chances are you’ve been training for the big day for many months. With just over two weeks to go until the London Marathon, now is the time to really up your training and begin to prepare mentally for the race. At Aquilla Health and Fitness, we are sharing our top 7 fitness tips for running the London Marathon or just improving your fitness game this summer:

1. Set Yourself Realistic Targets

Both during the race and in the gym, you should set yourself realistic targets that are not going to be impossible to achieve. During your training sessions and whilst in the gym, set small goals that are challenging yet do-able in order to keep yourself on track. When running the London Marathon, memorise some specific timing goals so you can properly pace yourself. Don’t get focused on individual miles, instead group them together into 3s or even 5s. This will help you to mentally get through the race and stay fully focused.

2. Always Warm Up

Before any exercise, and especially before the London Marathon, you should be sure to warm up slowly with some light cardio. Stretch out your muscles a little but don’t overdo it and pull a muscle if they feel tight. It is important to keep your body as loose and flexible as possible before an intense workout.

3. Don’t Train Too Hard

The last thing you want is to push yourself too hard and do yourself an injury before the London Marathon. Whether you are training for the big race or just training in general, you should always stay within your limits and train safely. In the week before the marathon, you should reduce your training and begin to rest up, but don’t rest too much or you will feel sluggish on the day. Aim to train just as frequently as normal, but reduce your distance and duration slightly.

4. Get Enough Sleep

When you are exercising regularly and intensely, it is important to get enough sleep. Sleep is vital for your body’s recovery and you should aim for between seven and eight hours every night. A lack of sleep can result in stress, weight gain, lack of concentration and slow muscle recovery, and all of these things can be very detrimental to your training plan.

5. Train Like Clockwork

When you are preparing for the London Marathon, it can really help to train every day at the same time as the marathon will start. Doing this will ensure that your body is in sync on race day and prepared for running at the start time.

6. Get The Right Gear

Exercising properly requires the right outfit and equipment, and the wrong gear when running the London Marathon or just training in the gym can lead to blisters or overheating. Shoes are probably the most vital part of your outfit, so be sure to get a pair that fit properly and support you whilst you run. Everyone’s preference is different when it comes to fitness clothing, so try out the various options such as leggings or shorts, and choose what works for you. Before running the London Marathon, do a couple of dress rehearsals in your chosen outfit for the race so you can be confident that you will be comfortable for the full 26 miles.

7. Vary Your Training

If you are running the London Marathon, or any other race for that matter, it can be tempting to only train by running. Your body needs to also build up its strength, so a varied training plan including both weights and cardio is essential. At Aquilla Health & Fitness, our fully equipped gym in South Kensington has everything you need to train every aspect of your body, including cardio machines, free weights and an indoor swimming pool. Our experienced Personal Trainers are available to help you learn the best ways to train, and find exercises that work for you.

You can become a member of Aquilla Health & Fitness to gain access to all our facilities whenever you please, or you can purchase a block of 10 day passes. Visit us on our open day on Wednesday 1st May to explore our facilities and meet our team. To find out more, contact us on 020 3642 9031 or email [email protected].


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