Mother and Daughter
Posted on 24th February, 2015

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is a Christian holiday falling on the fourth Sunday in Lent. However, its origins could lay in Roman Times when Lady’s Day was celebrated on the vernal equinox. Or it could hark back to sixteenth century when worshipers were said to have gone ‘a-mothering’ when they went to pray at their mother church on Laetare Sunday.

Later on in history, when young people were in service to affluent families, they would be granted a day off in order for them to attend church with their own mothers and family members, often the only time that whole families could get together due to conflicting working hours. The tradition of giving flowers on this day could be reflected from the flowers that were picked by the young people on their way to church, as a ‘gift’ to their mothers. Mothering Sunday celebrations dwindled until its resurrection in 1914 when Anna Jarvis created the Mothering Sunday Movement and Mothers were once again celebrated.

If you are lucky enough to spend time with your Mother this Mothering Sunday why not surprise her with more than just the usual chocolates, flowers and perfume? London has so much to offer, from theatres to museums and landmarks such as the London Eye. A trip to one of the most iconic stores in Knightsbridge, Harrods, offers some inspirational gift ideas! And after you purchase the perfect gift take your Mother to the Rembrandt Hotel, only a few steps away.

Treat your mother to a relaxing spa treatment in Aquilla or a champagne afternoon tea, and we will ensure that your Mother feels like the most important person in the world, which of course she is!

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