Posted on 16th April, 2018

London Marathon – Best Spots for Spectators

It’s that time of the year again, where it is socially acceptable to witness a parade of runners dressed in bizarre costumes to help fundraise for multiple charities. London’s very own world-famous marathon takes place on Sunday 22nd April 2018. Covering 26.2 miles across London, there will be a number of spots where you can show your support. Here are our top spots we recommend you head to if you want to catch a glimpse of the race.

The Start: Greenwich

The marathon will begin between Greenwich and Blackheath. Your support, whether general or specific, will probably be more valued during the last few miles of the race, but if you don’t want to miss the kick off, be sure to get there early to snag your spot. It’s worth noting that though The Queen is opening this year’s London Marathon, she’ll be pushing the ‘start’ button from the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Mile 12-13: Tower Bridge

To mark the 12-13 mile, the runners will be storming across the iconic landmark that is Tower Bridge. If you make it early enough, you’ll be able to photograph your favourite costumes as they speed past. The race trails back on itself further down from Tower Bridge so if you get a change to take up a position in the central path on the bridge, you’ll get to see the runners twice.

Mile 17: Canary Wharf

Just over 10 miles left and the race is really heating up. If you’re planning to bring children to watch the marathon then we suggest you head here. After cheering the runners, you and the children can head to Mudchute Farm. Set in 32 acres of countryside in the heart of East London, the Mudchute is a community charity, with a working farm, stables, a children’s nursery and a wide range of educational activities. They are open every day of the week and free for every visitor.

Mile 21: Tower Hamlets

On mile 21, the runners will stretch through Commercial Road. Commercial road is the honorary cheering zone for urban running collective Run Dem Crew. Cozy up next to the crew and you will sure feel like having a dance and singalong as they play music out of Limehouse town hall. They sure know how to celebrate the event with confetti and missive signs to show their support.

Mile 24: Blackfriars

This is when the marathon gets really tricky and the runners will need every inch of support they can to see them through the last stretch. During mile 24, the runners will be coming out of an underpass. Make sure they see crowds of support as they emerge into the daylight.

The final stretch: Mile 25-26

The end of the race is beckoning and the runners are more spread out and visible. Cheer them on towards to finish line, and if you want to meet a specific runner, then head for the alphabetically signposted meet up points in Horse Guards Road and Horse Guards Parade.

Estimated times of the race:

Five miles – 10.51am; 10 miles – 11.42am; 15 miles – 12.34pm; 20 miles – 1.25pm; 25 miles – 2.17pm; 26.2 miles (finish) – 2.30pm.

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