Shrove Tuesday
Posted on 23rd January, 2015

February delights

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, is a tradition of the Christian calendar. In times of old women folk would clear their cupboards of sweet ingredients and dairy and incorporate them into pancakes prior to Lent, a period of fasting. In modern times, people of all faiths have taken up this tradition and enjoy various forms of pancakes both sweet and savoury.

In London an annual Pancake Day takes place across the city and people from all walks of life are encouraged to take part for their given charities. The Better Bankside Pancake Day Race takes place at Borough Market’s Jubilee Market where runners not only have to beat their rivals but do so whilst tossing pancakes all the way, with five heats before the victorious team are crowned, it promises to be a day of fun and laughter. The Better Bankside Pancake Day Race starts 12:30 on Tuesday 17th February, to sign up and take part in the race, email [email protected].

Romantic Londoners will no doubt be thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day and whilst most Lothario’s will take their loved ones for a romantic meal with the obligatory red rose, you might just like to surprise your partner this year with something a little special.

Broadgate Ice Rink is a fantastic way to spend Valentine’s Day, just two minutes’ walk from Liverpool Street Station, skating is available from 10am to 10pm; if that isn’t enough of a chill factor to keep you wrapped up in each other’s arms, then a visit to the Ice Bar on Heddon Street is a must. Everything including the walls, tables, chairs and even the glasses are made of ice, with a completely new theme every six months it is worth a second visit. Visit the Ice Bar website for more information.



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