Posted on 20th November, 2015

Dazzle this Christmas, Beauty Tips from Aquilla

The countdown for 25th December has well and truly started, and we all know that means there will be plenty of parties, Christmas drinks, and mad dashes to the shops for those last-minute gifts! Here at Aquilla we have created a roundup of the best beauty tips, to make sure you are looking fabulous for this year’s party season:


  • Tired eyes

All that partying the night away can really leave your eyes looking tired and weary. Ensure you keep your peepers looking bright and sparkly during Christmas by giving yourself a quick eye massage to keep puffiness away. Begin at the corner of one of your eyes and work your way up, between the brow bone and your eye, rubbing as you go until you reach the outer edge of your eye, and then repeat along your lower lash line.

  • Banish the booze

We know how difficult that can be this time of year, but if radiant, glowing skin is what you are after then excess alcohol is a bad idea. Alcohol dehydrates you, sucking moisture from your skin and leaving it looking dry and dull. Moisturiser won’t be enough to fix the effects of endless mulled wine and party food. You can at least minimise the effects by making sure you are drinking lots of water and consider booking a Decléor Facial Treatment to give tired skin an extra boost.

  • Make time to RELAX

This can be much easier said than done during the festive season, but it will do wonders to your beauty regime if you can find some time to chill out. Treat yourself to a Hot Stone Massage which will help you to relax by drawing all the tension and stiffness from your muscles. The direct heat of the stones, along with the therapists massage, will relax even the deepest muscle allowing you to fall into a deep relaxation.

  • Luscious locks

Get your mane party perfect with an at home deep conditioning hair mask. When applying the mask, gently warm a hand towel in the microwave and wrap it around your hair for 20 minutes. The heat will intensify the treatment, leaving your hair looking shiny and healthy for even longer.

  • Treat your feet

When your feet are in pain it shows in your face, so make sure you treat your tootsies to a bit of TLC on the run up to the festive season. Leave your feet feeling light and relaxed with a Foot & Leg Relief Treatment. Keep that feeling for longer by using a foot polish at home three times a week, follow with a thick moisturiser and to really intensify the treatment, sleep in cotton socks.

  • Time your waxing perfectly

Beautifully smooth skin is an essential accessory for that perfect party dress; but remember that timing is everything when it comes to waxing! Always bear in mind that waxing can cause temporary redness, so make sure you book your wax treatments at least one day in advance of that Christmas party or big night out.

  • Have a festive mani

Deep red nail varnish is a favourite this Christmas, and adding a bit of sparkle with some glitter is a must-have during the festive season. Go for a GEL manicure and keep your nails looking sleek for weeks!

  • And most importantly – have fun!

Our top tip for looking fabulous this winter is actually very simple – have a good time! Spend time with people you love, that you enjoy being around, and people that generally make you feel good when you’re with them! Having fun is an amazing beauty treatment – it will make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle, and you’ll be showing off your winning smile in any candid photographs!


At Aquilla Health and Fitness we have created some incredible Christmas offers to make sure you’re ready for all the festive fun this year! Escape the cold weather and treat yourself with our Winter Warmer Package, for only £74 per person you can enjoy a Hot Stone Massage or Aromatherapy Massage, full use of Aquilla facilities, robes and slippers, and a hot toddy. You can also get ready for the festive season, with a Nail File and Polish for only £10!  To find out more or to make a booking, call us on 020 3642 9031 or email us at [email protected].

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