Bonfire Night fireworks in London
Posted on 13th October, 2014

Bonfire Night in London

The skies of London will become a mass of colour this November with various displays being hosted to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ 1603 gun powder conspiracy, a plot that has ramifications on ceremonies even to this day. At the State Opening of Parliament, the reigning Monarch cannot enter the Palace of Westminster until the Yeoman of the Guard searches the cellars for unwanted visitors!

The fantastic display at Alexandra Palace returns this year with entrance tickets gaining you special access to the family zone where you can enjoy funfair rides and entertainment alongside street food and a craft beer village. With over 100,000 attending each year, Blackheath Fireworks extravaganza is definitely one of the city’s favourites and it is free to attend.

Families may enjoy displays at Morden Modern Park and Brockwell Park, both of which are hosting displays suitable for young children who may be startled by louder firework events. Age appropriate fairground rides will be on offer and of course the evening wouldn’t be complete without a hot dog or toffee apple from the food stalls. Other great displays will be taking place at Crystal Palace and Battersea Park, and Ravenscourt Park fireworks will be set to music. You will definitely be spoilt for choice this November.

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