Posted on 24th December, 2022

We Celebrate!

To another wonderful year at Sarova Hotels, we are proud to be working alongside our staff, and celebrating such a dedicated and hard-working team! We want to take a moment to thank everyone for their outstanding efforts and support this past year. We are very excited to see what lies ahead in 2023 and the opportunities along the way.

Christmas Jumper Day and Beyond

At this time of year of giving, we are proud to have taken part in Christmas Jumper Day and raised an amazing amount of £1,094.80. So many fun activities were held between the hotels, from ‘Name The Bear’ to Aquilla staff and members “cycling” to Bristol and back! The fun doesn’t just stop here, anyone can still support by taking part in fundraising activities or volunteering and more.

With 2023 coming up, new goals are on the horizon as we move towards starting (or continuing) a fitness Journey. Aquila Health and Fitness are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. At Aquilla, we believe change starts in the smallest of habits. From choosing what you’re having for breakfast to going for a short 10-minute walk, we’d like to welcome you to our club to help you progress and reach your goals, whether that be maintaining your fitness or enjoying our spa facilities for some self-care.

Let your journey start at Aquilla. We move, together.

Lastly, from all of us at Sarova Hotels, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a magical New Year.

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