Posted on 22nd January, 2015

How to make your workout fun!

Getting to the gym regularly can be hard work. Many of us need to make it more fun to keep the momentum going. At Aquilla health and fitness we have some top tips to keep you coming back for more. You will be surprised at how easy they are and how changing small things can make a huge difference.


First things first change the way you think.

This is easier said than done but with a bit of practice it really helps. Instead of being on the treadmill thinking, ‘I hate this, this is my least favourite thing’ and counting down the seconds, tell yourself ‘This is going to get me fit, strong and healthy.’ Doing the things that we dislike is often the things that will really benefit us. Perspective has a lot to answer for and only you are in control of your perspective. Make your thoughts positive and you will soon see that you put in more effort. Begin to find the struggle enjoyable and want to push yourself further. It’s amazing what you can achieve!


Secondly, find something that you already enjoy.

If it’s swimming then start swimming, if it’s running outside then do that, if it’s team sports then start looking at where you can play. Make a playlist and put on your headphones. Choose upbeat music that reminds you of a fun time and focus on it to get you through when the exercise gets difficult.


Thirdly, have different exercise programs so you don’t get bored.

Doing the same thing everyday becomes repetitive and the results won’t be as good as if you were to try a variety of methods.


Fourthly, make it shorter but harder.

A lot of the time people don’t come to gym because of time. Do shorter sessions but just higher intensity. You can start this with a personal trainer first who will help you utilise your time in the gym to a maximum.


Lastly, another great way to make working out fun is by joining classes.

Time flies when you’re following the instruction of a teacher and participating in group exercise plus there’s a social aspect to it. At Aquilla health and fitness we have a variety of classes ranging from Pilates to Zumba. It’s also a great way to force yourself to do something that you may be struggling with, for example join our Abs Blast class if you find working on your abs harder to do by yourself and tend to avoid it.


For more information come and visit us at Aquilla where we will be happy to advise you on the best plan of action to reach your goals and if you’re lucky you may even get a complimentary personal training session so it’s definitely worth the visit.


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