Posted on 31st March, 2020

How To Stay Focused Whilst Working From Home

Whether you’re a freelancer using your home as an office, or just recently having to work from home in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, staying focused can be a struggle. Especially for those who are used to commuting to the office on a daily basis, and spending their day surrounded by their colleagues and teams. If you aren’t used to working from home, maintaining the same levels of focus as you have in the office isn’t easy, but there are some things to help keep your productivity up. Next time you find yourself getting distracted, try out some of these top tis for staying focused whilst working from home;

Set Your Working Hours

Most of us are creatures of habit and having a set routine helps us to stay productive and focused on the task at hand. Set out clear working hours and stick to them on a daily basis. Try to get all your errands and chores done before you start working in the morning, and don’t check your work emails once you sign off for the day.

Write Down Your To Do List

When you are working from home, the chances are you will spend a lot of time looking at a screen. Try starting your day by writing down a list of the tasks you want to complete that day on a notepad, not only will you give your eyes regular breaks but you will also have a plan for your day ahead. Crossing off each item as you complete it is also a great feeling of satisfaction that you just can’t get from a tick box on your screen.

Establish A Working Area

If you aren’t used to working from home, you might not have a space in your home dedicated it. It is important to establish an office space that you can use to focus on your work. If you don’t have a spare room or office space, set up an office at your table or in another room. Be mindful to set boundaries from your living areas, including your bed, TV and kitchen.

Dress For Success

It might seem like a dream come true being able to roll out of bed and get straight to work in your pyjamas, but it won’t do anything for your focus or productivity. When you prepare yourself for work by getting dressed and ready for the day, you will set yourself up for success. You will find yourself more energised and inspired to get on with the tasks at hand without distraction.


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