Posted on 31st March, 2020

How to keep active during self isolation

Now that gyms across the UK are closed due to COVID-19, and many individuals are being asked to stay at home in self-quarantine, making it difficult to maintain your health and fitness. Many healthy individuals are being requested to stay at home in self-quarantine. Staying at home for long periods of time may affect your remaining physical strength, so it’s important to set yourself a routine to protect your health during this time. You can find new and creative ways to work out and stay active during self isolation. Read on for some tips on how to stay active while at home in self quarantine:

  1. Short bursts of fitness

The National Health Organization recommends that the average person should get 2.5 hours of moderate exercise every week, so taking short sessions of physical activity can add up to your weekly recommendation. Even in small spaces, walking around or on the spot can help you remain active. If you have a call, stand or walk around your home while you speak, instead of sitting down. If you decide to go outside to walk or exercise be sure to maintain at least 2 meters away from other people.

  1. Online fitness class

Take advantage of everything at your fingertips. There are many exercise classes you can follow online for free! If you are experience in fitness classes or starting from scratch, there are many classes you can follow that are tailored for people at different fitness levels. If you need weights for your exercises but you don’t have them at your disposal, you can use items around your home as a replacement, for example a water bottle or a door stop.

  1. Relax

Sometimes you many feel overwhelmed and start to think you need much more exercise than you require. As much as keeping active will keep you physically fit, you also need to keep your mind healthy. Meditation and deep breaks can help you remain calm.

  1. Eat and drink

It is also important to remember to eat healthy and stay hydrated. When at home, it can be easy to eat more than what you’re used to, therefore you should try to avoid your unhealthy food items and swap them for a healthier alternative. Ensure you are having plenty of fruit and vegetables and limit your salt, sugar and fat intake.

  1. Get fitness inspiration

Starting your fitness journey blind can be difficult, so getting as much inspiration from trainers can help you find out what works for you. The personal trainers at Aquilla Health & Fitness, post ‘Exercises of the Week’ on their Instagram. Take a look here and see which ones you can implement into your daily fitness routine.

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