Thank You Board of Employee Appreciation Tea at The Rembrandt
Posted on 8th October, 2014

Employee Appreciation Tea

Every month The Rembrandt HR team invites the staff to join them for afternoon tea in the Conservatory Lounge to celebrate the winner of Employee of the Month (EOM) and to recognise other members of staff for going above and beyond during the previous month.

However, when it came to the winner of EOM for August, she was on holiday on the date set for the tea.  So, dilemma…..  do we take away tasty scones, jam and cakes from the staff or come up with Plan B?

Plan B it was!  And so Employee Appreciation Tea (EAT) was born.  EAT was essentially going to be the same as EOM but without the winner for the month of Augusut; we would have a double celebration with the winner of September at a later date.

This time, we were going to encourage the staff to appreciate their colleagues, rather than just the management team.

On arrival, all members of staff were given a coloured piece paper and they were encouraged to write a ‘thank you’ note to a colleague, saying why they were saying thank you.  They could choose to write either to an individual or a department; either their own or a different one.  The notes were then pinned to a ‘thank you’ board in the Conservatory for all to see.  This temporary board was put in the canteen. However it proved to be so successful that Thank You Board now has a permanent place in the canteen and the staff are encouraged to continue placing appreciative notes to their colleagues.

Even though at the next tea party we will be celebrating two employees of the month, the tea will now always be known as Employee Appreciation Tea, as we continually show our appreciation for all the staff.

Thank you to all The Rembrandt Team for all your continuous hard work!

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