Posted on 29th October, 2015

DeRose Method at Aquilla Health and Fitness

The DeRose Method is a programme of breathing techniques, physical postures, meditation and relaxation developed by Luiz DeRose. DeRose started out as a writer and educator in the field of yoga, and in 2007 he shifted his focus to develop the DeRose method. The method is a workout that combines yoga, Pilates and meditation, and is designed to improve stress management, concentration and sleep. The combination of high performance techniques and concepts give practitioners more strength, power, flexibility, concentration and balance.

The method differs from all other practices and teaches philosophies that can optimise both personal and professional lives. The three key philosophies of the method are: the practical philosophy of SwáSthya, which emphasizes a range of techniques, including breathing, concentration and physical techniques. The second philosophy is behavioural and focuses on how to address different life situations. The final philosophy is speculative and proposes to observe reality through a different set of lenses, highlighting opportunities to improve performance and help practitioners develop a long term vision.

At Aquilla Health and Fitness, the DeRose Method is being taught by instructor Suzana Vaz, who has been a certified instructor since 2008. Suzana is an inspiring teacher and she motivates clients to develop all their capacities and progress effectively through the use of concepts and techniques of the method. Her classes teach how the DeRose method can be used as a tool in daily life to help develop high performance in all areas of life, aiming at self-knowledge and lucidity.

DeRose classes at Aquilla are aimed at beginners, and each class is unique, featuring a selection of more than 2000 DeRose method exercises. Visit Aquilla Health and Fitness’ classes’ page to check timings and find out about other amazing classes on offer. For more information or to make a booking call 020 3642 9031 or email [email protected].

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