Bonfire Night fireworks in London
Posted on 13th October, 2014

Bonfire Night in London

The skies of London will become a mass of colour this November with various displays being hosted to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ 1603 gun powder conspiracy, a plot that has ramifications on ceremonies even to this day. At the State Opening of Parliament, the reigning Monarch cannot enter the Palace of Westminster until the Yeoman of the Guard searches the cellars for unwanted visitors! The fantastic display at Alexandra Palace returns this year with entrance tickets gaining you special access to the family zone where you can enjoy funfair rides and entertainment alongside street food and a craft beer village. With...


Thank You Board of Employee Appreciation Tea at The Rembrandt
Posted on 8th October, 2014

Employee Appreciation Tea

Every month The Rembrandt HR team invites the staff to join them for afternoon tea in the Conservatory Lounge to celebrate the winner of Employee of the Month (EOM) and to recognise other members of staff for going above and beyond during the previous month. However, when it came to the winner of EOM for August, she was on holiday on the date set for the tea.  So, dilemma…..  do we take away tasty scones, jam and cakes from the staff or come up with Plan B? Plan B it was!  And so Employee Appreciation Tea (EAT) was born.  EAT was...


Posted on 8th October, 2014

London Eye and Royal Museums

View London from a completely new perspective with a trip on the London Eye, one of our most iconic and tallest landmarks.  Built for the passage into the new millennium, the London Eye gives a spectacular 360° view over a twenty-five mile radius of London in one of its fully glazed capsules. Whether you are planning a get-together for your friends and family or celebrating a special day, the London Eye has a capsule tailored for all events.  If romance is in the air then Cupid’s Capsule offers an exclusive pod where you and your loved one can enjoy a...


Westminster Abbey London
Posted on 15th September, 2014

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, truly one of the most beautiful buildings that London has to offer, was established as a place of worship in the 10th century when Benedictine monks first arrived at the site.  The Abbey is steeped in history and walking around you will find, amongst others, important wall paintings from the 13th and 14th Century such as the Apocalypse and the Last Judgement.  In front of the High Altar you will find the Cosmati pavement, laid in 1268 on the orders of Henry III, a beautiful example of the Gothic style and workmanship of that time. The Abbey museum...


John Constable
Posted on 29th August, 2014

John Constable at the Victoria & Albert Museum

London, the cultural capital of the world, is famous for its theatres, art, shops and museums, one of the most famous being the Victoria & Albert Museum.  Re-named in 1899 after the Monarch of that time and her late husband, the Victoria & Albert Museum has been the venue for many great exhibitions over the years. On 20th September, the V&A as it is affectionately called, is presenting an exhibition on the great British Romantic landscape painter, John Constable.  The exhibition brings together Constable’s oil sketches and his most famous masterpieces and will reveal the secrets of Constable’s magnificent talent....


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